Hiatus: Beastkin 2 (Sarsi)

When creating characters who are Beastkin, there are a couple of rules that has applied both to the main cast that we've designed but also to just random background characters that Sarsi has put into scenes.  (Madeleine lucked out and got to draw the tavern while it was empty).  These are the sort of deep cut lore that isn't overly important to the story, but I think it's interesting and it's a rule we established for consistency.

Basically, Beastkin are tied to native animals of the region they came from, and are only tied to wild, land-dwelling mammals.  So, someone can be a wolf, bear, ram, rabbit, you name it, someone in the world of ASB could be a beastkin tied to that animal.  So far Sarsi has thrown in some really esoteric and interesting animals, probably my favorite is a sugar glider!  (Bonus points to whoever can find it.)

One day I sent Sarsi a picture of aardwolves, which are one of my favorite cool animals.  They are cousins to hyenas, and are really cool insectivores that live in Africa.  I mean, look at these things, they are so cool looking.

Anyway, one day I sent a few aardwolf pictures to Sarsi, and he drew some aardwolf beastkin as a warmup!

See you next week,

- Ike

One thought on “Hiatus: Beastkin 2 (Sarsi)

  1. If you haven’t seen a picture of an Aardwolf puppy, you NEED TO. RIGHT NOW. They look like striped chihuahuas!

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