Hiatus: Guest Art!

Today's hiatus post is a fantastic piece of guest art from my friend Claine!  When she sent this to me I was just instantly blown away, I am in love with this piece.

A while back I (the writer, I will remind you I am not an artist) did a bit of guest art for her comic, Gods Spirits Beast & Men, which is a fantastic modern fantasy that I highly recommend.  If you want to check out my goofy bit of guest art have a link to that as well.

Thanks so much again, Claine!  

Just one more week of hiatus posts, looking forward to returning to our regularly scheduled comic on the 28th!  Thanks for coming back in the meantime to enjoy our filler posts!  At some point after hiatus I will be deleting these posts so as to not clutter the reading experience, but all of these lovely pieces of art will go in the gallery before I do.

See you next week,


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