Prologue – Page 4

Of all the various types of Aberrant and Aetheric creatures that plague this world, none are as poorly understood as the Shimmer.  As such, Shimmers live in the space between myth and monster; tales to haunt young children’s dreams, while also giving even the most veteran of Hunters pause.

Their nature is unknown, as is their origin.  They manifest with seemingly no logic or pattern, taking on the forms of carnivorous predators of the region, such as wolves, bears, or in one terrifying case, a wyvern.

They do not persist indefinitely, though reports vary from a few hours to a few days.  Their appearance is unnatural and alien.  They appear incomplete, like they do not belong in this world, something between a child’s drawing and a bad dream.  Their form shifts and shimmers, hence their name.  Their attacks can be erratic and hard to read, and their teeth and claws even sharper and stronger than the beasts they mimic.

Upon death a Shimmer leaves behind no corpse, nor blood, nor any sign of their passing save for the destruction and damage they inflicted.  This, along with the fact that no Shimmer has been successfully captured for study, has persisted the general lack of knowledge we have about these strange creatures.

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