A Star Below is a fantasy adventure webcomic about self love, found family, and magic. Raised in a city that fears and despises magic, Silvia awakens to her own developing power. Kicked out of her home, she finds a new life in the Undercity. She begins her journey to become a monster hunter, and to come to terms with her new gifts.

A Star Below deals with mature themes and may on occasion contain violence, mild profanity, and suggestive themes. As such, it is recommended for teen and adult readers.


Ike Ellsworth is a software engineer, game developer, and writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their hobbies include video games, TTRPGs, writing, mixology, and learning languages.

Libb Atendido works in marketing during the day, and draws buff fictional characters at night.

His life revolves around Warhammer 40k, all sorts of comic book lore, and art masters on Instagram.

Madeleine Keene is a human who sometimes draws things, occasionally makes music, and often googles “dog”.

She’s worked on comics, made art for games, and created animations on YouTube.