A Star Below is a fantasy adventure webcomic about self love, found family, and magic. Raised in a city that fears and despises magic, Silvia awakens to her own developing power. Kicked out of her home, she finds a new life in the Undercity. She begins her journey to become a monster hunter, and to come to terms with her new gifts.

A Star Below deals with mature themes and may on occasion contain violence, mild profanity, and suggestive themes. As such, it is recommended for teen and adult readers.


Ike Ellsworth is a software engineer, game developer, and writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Their hobbies include video games, TTRPGs, writing, mixology, and learning languages.

Madeleine Keene is a human who sometimes draws things, occasionally makes music, and often googles “dog”.

She’s worked on comics, made art for games, and created animations on YouTube.