1-0 Cover

A Star Below begins posting pages on November 11th!  So, check back soon, and then every Thursday after that, so you can follow Silvia on her journey.

Go ahead and bookmark this page, so you can remember to come back.  Also follow @astarbelow for announcements when the page goes live.  Also while you're at it, go ahead and follow the writer @iellswo and the artist @animatrix1490.

EDIT: If you are reading this, uh, hi!  Welcome to the new cover page for the first chapter of A Star Below!  Made some minor changes around here, but glad to see you are reading from the beginning!

- Ike


2 thoughts on “1-0 Cover

  1. toby lonelytuatara


    1. Completely different cover page now, but, purble still applies.

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